Frequently Asked Questions

What about Summer Band Camp? Do I have to be at Summer Band Camp?
Yes, Band Camp is mandatory! The only exceptions are by prior Director’s Approval
What Band Class Should I Sign up for?
All incoming freshman will be placed in the Symphonic Band Class, and have the option to be in our Jazz Bands.

Students in the CHS Band Program have some of the highest GPA’s in the school. A very large portion of our students are in AP, IB and Honors classes. Band students are regarded throughout the school by the teachers as some of the best students in their classes! What you learn in band is Time Management. This is the skill that you will learn that will help you be successful in your classes and in life after high school.

I don’t think I can play the music, or memorize it, I’m not that good…
Yes you will be able to play the music. The band program is designed with you in mind! We have everything set up to teach you how to play the music, teach you how to memorize it, and teach you how to march on the field. We will have highly trained staff members that are here to help you and teach you from the beginning.
I don’t know if I should join band?
OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!!! You will be a part of one the most successful programs in the school as well as one of the most consistent Band Programs in the County! You will perform for thousands of people each year. You will learn the responsibility and self-discipline that it takes to succeed in all aspects of your adult life. You will make lots of new friends and go into the first day of high school already knowing your way around the school and have band friends there to help you out. Being a part of the band program is the most unique opportunity there is in high school! And most important… You will have lots of fun!
Can I do IB and Band?
You absolutely can do both. While IB is hyper focused on academics, it is also very important to be involved in extra curriculars. With a band average weighted GPA of a 4.24, the Band Program is full of people who you can ask about their experience doing both IB and Band. Please ask before deciding!